Dakota Sizer

Dakota Sizer 5.07

An embroidery software for combining multiple designs and much more
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Dakota sizer is a wonderful program which helps you to virtually embroid in multiple ways.
Product features:
- Print Design Templates
- Hoop Display
- Pull Compensation
- Design Solutions Tutorial with Lessons
- Resize, Rotate, Transform, Mirror
- Combine Multiple Designs
- OPEN/SAVE Major Commercial/Home Formats
- 3D View • Multiple Grid Features
- Unique Color Palette
- Thread Charts of Major Thread Manufacturers
- Customizable Thread Charts and Automatic Thread Chart Matching
- Unlimited Undo/Redo
- Complete Online HELP System
- Includes 50 Free Designs

To install the program, place the CD into the CD ROM drive. Wait a moment for the AUTO START INSTALLATION screen to appear. If it doesn't appear, go to START, RUN, and type the correct information in the COMMAND LINE according to what has been supplied on the program CD. (ie, d:\setup.exe) READ and/or ANSWER each screen as it appears.

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